81 Southwark Street

Formation Architects submitted designs for a new 7 storey office building in close proximity to Tate Modern in Southwark. The proposed building provides a GIA of 1,277 sqm (13,746 sqft) of new office space including ground floor accommodation which can be used as either A1, A3 or B1.

The 9m wide site permits a single span with the loads being taken by the gable walls creating column free floor plates and offering maximum internal flexibility. The elevations reflect the simple internal arrangement of the plan and the structural logic of the building. Floor to ceiling silicone bonded glazing maximises daylight into the deep plan. The glazing extends at the top floor to become the balustrade of the roof terrace and also below the first floor slab to create a ‘skirt’. The glazing will appear as a single plane of glass, subtly structured by minimal silicon joints. A vertical recess between the glass edge and the ‘frame’ emphasises the lightness of the enclosing glass plane. The ‘frame’ comprises of dark grey metal bands which describe the simple rectangular form of the building and reflect the underlying structural frame. Light grey pre-cast concrete panels infill the frame on the lower floors. Opaque glass panels on the top floor will give the top of the building a lighter appearance against the matt concrete panels below.

Planning Permission granted.

Bankside Securities

1,277 sqm (13,746 sqft)