Europa Centre

Formation Architects was commissioned to design this major new sports facility for a local community in South London. The new building comprises two main halls 7.5 metres high equipped for gymnastics practice and display, as well as dedicated spaces for dance, martial arts, fitness, boxing and social functions.

The site is located in the flood plain of the River Cray so the building had to be raised off the ground on columns. The new building represents extraordinary value for money, the design having been rationalised to be as efficient and cost effective as possible without losing any of the sense of excitement and fun for the young people who will use the building. To achieve this Formation Architects worked closely with Europa Gym, the Leisure Department of LB Bexley, Sport England and British Gymnastics.

The main entrance is via a stair and lift core clearly expressed on the outside of the building, while the circulation is via a simple legible corridor that runs the entire width of the building connecting all of its functions.

Completed in December 2011.

LB Bexley, Sport England and British Gymnastics