7-11 Onslow



Park House, originally made up of two dwellings, Pelham Cottage and Park Cottage, originally built in 1841, had numerous, subsequent additions. Park House is not listed but it is situated in the Thurloe Estate and Smith’s Charity Conservation Area in the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea. Set on an acre of land the two dwellings were turned into a single dwelling in the 1980’s by the previous owner.

The proposed design has been informed by extensive analysis of the historical evolution of the buildings on the site, the rationale behind the consented scheme and an intense consultation with planning and conservation officers over 4 Pre-Application meetings and two public consultations.

The design seeks to re-instate key aspects of the original appearance of the Cottage buildings prior to the various unsympathetic additions. Replacing the mansard roof over Pelham Cottage with a lower, symmetrical hipped roof over both Pelham and Park Cottage provides a more comprehensive composition and improves the proportions of the North East elevation.

The central courtyard is enlarged to expose more of the original elevation of Park Cottage and allow a clearer distinction between the parent building and the Studio and link elements. This also allows the massing of the two link buildings between the parent building and the Studio to be clearly subservient to the ‘parent buildings’.

Simplification of the form of the Studio building has been achieved by use of a symmetrically pitched roof over the first-floor accommodation with five conservation roof lights along the south side of the roof.

The proposed design seeks to both preserve and enhance the setting, and to provide a building which will be more sympathetic to its context and echo the original pair lodges built in the Victorian era.

Planning Achieved December 2018

Artist credit – Liam Wales

Mr Richard Caring