Trundleys Road


The proposed industrial scheme provides a significant increase in quantum, and quality of industrial space.
The total GIA of Strategic Industrial Land (SIL) uses is increased by 168%.

Front of house access from Trundley’s Road allows visibility, a proper address, and a public-facing element
to all industrial units. Providing shell and core ensures greater flexibility for user fit-out.

The development proposals will provide flexible and adaptable commercial floor space of B1c/B2/B8 at ground and mezzanine floors to replace existing SIL floor space. The commercial floor space will suit light industry (including creative building enterprises such as set or stage designers), warehousing, micro manufacturers, etc. Equally, the scheme could accommodate the automotive enterprises currently on site.

The scheme has reduced the number of flats from 203 to 189 units. The number of 3 bed units has been increased from 9% to 14%. 49% of the Social Rent units are family units (3 beds).


189 residential units

2,220m2 of B1c/B2/B8 – commercial / industrial units