Services and Delivery

As an architectural practice we believe it is important to offer not just design services up to planning but also the capability to deliver buildings through the construction process. This ranges from relatively straightforward buildings to highly complex construction projects involving the best construction companies and consultants in the business.

Over the years Formation Architects has delivered buildings through most procurement routes including traditionally administered contracts, construction management and design-build contracts. Through a number of important projects, we have gained a well-respected capability for the delivery of complex “super-prime” projects in London.

Our collaborative ethos means that we are willing and able to interpret and implement the work of others including interior designers and other architects.

Our teams are led by experienced professionals with a thorough understanding of the construction process. This knowledge informs everything we do, from the earliest stages of a design through to the technical detailing of a construction project. We understand the level of information appropriate to each building project, and work with construction companies in a collaborative way to meet their needs during the pre-construction stage and on-site.

We use industry-standard software including Autocad, NBS and Revit to produce our construction information. Our staff are provided with the appropriate training to ensure we make the most of these systems. Currently we are delivering the highly complex Lots Road project under a BIM regime using Revit software.

Some of our projects involve the conversion of existing buildings including historic architecture and work in conservation areas. We have specialist conservation architects on our staff who bring the specific skills necessary to deal with projects of this kind.

‘Buildings are collaborations’