Design Approach

As architects, we declare a fascination with the city. How can we make the city a humane and rewarding place to live, work and play? What are the characteristics that define a particular sense of place and how can that quality be reinforced? What makes a city truly sustainable?

Our practice is rooted in London; a city of endless variety and interest and an ideal place to explore these questions. The buildings we design are unequivocally modern – clear and positive expressions of our age. At the same time, we want our buildings to reinforce the positive aspects of their specific locations – ultimately becoming an integral part of the context themselves.

Over the years Formation Architects has designed and delivered a huge range of projects. In the process we have built up an unsurpassed experience in analysing sites for development. This ranges from individual sites to large scale masterplanning layouts.

In design terms we do not push any particular agenda, instead recognising quality wherever it may be found, in the proportions of an elevation or the refinement of a detail. We are skilled at producing attractive, practical design solutions as well as presenting our work persuasively to all stakeholders including planning authorities, local residents and of course our clients.

Our design work has been recognised in the industry with awards such as the prestigious Housing Design Award, British Homes Awards, British Council of Offices Award and numerous others.