With such a diverse Practice at Formation Architects, we sometimes forget that the wider industry doesn’t usually have 50% if their workforce being made up of women like us. In fact, only 11% of the construction workforce are made up of women.

So, after being inspired by last year’s award finalists we wanted to show off our talented female staff in this year nominations, not only as recognition for all that they have achieved, but also, we feel it’s our responsibly to create role models for young girls considering a career in Architecture and Construction, so they can see what’s possible.

In March we found out that our nominees Clementine Guillet (left), Associate, has been made a Finalist in this years ‘Best Female Mentor’ Category – “Embrace feeling uncomfortable, in order to keep growing”.

Chloe Hand (right), Architect, is a Finalist in the ‘Best Young Woman Architect’ category. “Always be asking questions and make your own opportunities”.

On 25th April they both face a day of Judging, forming the conclusion of their 5-month long submission process.