Throughout 2018 our team have been instrumental in setting up and driving our CSR activity here at Formation Architects.

Through our busy calendar of fundraising activities and through payroll giving we have raised a whopping £4,802 in total for our 2018 Charity of the year – UCLH Charity.

With the CSR team established, we wanted to create an identity that represented the multiple strands of activities our team are involved in, with an emphasis on a collective community, (rather than the corporate or individual). We have created a new name and logo called “Formation Community”, along with a family of 6 icons that represent: Community Outreach, Fundraising, Sustainability, Wellbeing, Aspirations and News. Playing with our existing Formation Architects palette and reflecting the architectural language through the graphics, to illustrate how the different strands unite together and form a community. Not just our own Formation Architects community, but our local Lambeth Community, which we have thrived in contributing to and helping to green up along the way.

Looking ahead at 2019, the team have voted for the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust to be our charity of the year. It was important for us to pick a charity that had a personal significance and aligned to our ethos and values. The charity’s goals are to inspire and support young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, working to create a fairer society in which everyone can succeed. Along with fundraising, we’re looking forward to providing work placements from nearby schools, to engage our local community in Lambeth, statistically one of the most deprived neighbourhoods in London.