2 Cavendish Road


Formation Architects have designed 28 high quality residential apartments, located on the corner of 69-71 Brighton Road and 2 Cavendish Road, within the London Borough of Sutton for RAA Ventures Ltd.

  • Client: RAA Ventures Ltd
  • Size: 28 apartments
  • Sectors
    Mainstream Residential
  • Services
    Concept Design

The site has been identified for redevelopment given its proximity to the town centre, easy access to the public transport network and site location, which is within an area of potential intensification.

The site considers the context and neighbouring properties. Height is located in the middle of the site with the proposal stepping down to relate to the adjacent buildings.

The materials and façade treatment had been derived from the local architecture, picking up cues from buildings near the site. The scheme continuous the building lines found on both roads, allowing soft landscaping and mature trees; reflecting the existing character of the streets.

The development also offers ample communal space, associated car park and an accessible roof terrace.

The scheme will create a new high-quality development in a sustainable location that will improve the overall visual appearance of the site and the wider area.

Planning application has been submitted.

“By 2031, many more new homes will have been built to provide for Sutton’s growing population. These homes will contribute to meeting the differing needs of Sutton’s residents. There will be starter homes and affordable housing, well-designed, low-carbon homes to meet the needs of families and specialist housing to cater for the needs of older residents and others.”

from the vision statement in Sutton Local Plan

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