Construction Delivery

Over the years Formation Architects has delivered many different types of building under all sorts of contractual regimes. We believe our construction know-how is second to none in the business.

In the increasingly complex world of construction, experience is an essential commodity. The demands of proper fire safety, the efficiencies offered by pre-fabrication and the importance of sustainability are just three of the key issues affecting the construction industry today.

Our highly experienced staff bring a wealth of relevant knowledge to any construction project. From mainstream residential through commercial office construction to super-prime homes, our architects and technicians understand what information is needed to enable a construction company to deliver a building. So much so, that we are often asked to provide construction information for concepts produced by other architects’ and interior designers.

Using the latest 3D software combined with tried and tested design management systems developed over many years we offer a highly professional service to deliver both our own designs and those of others.