The Bull

Barking and Dagenham

Planning for a sustainable scheme of 72 residential units in Dagenham has been granted for Hollybrook.

  • Client: Hollybrook
  • Size: 72 residential units
  • Status: Planning achieved
  • Sectors
    Mainstream Residential, Private Development
  • Services
    Concept Design, Capacity Studies, Planning Applications, Employer's Requirements

The Bull is in a prominent location on the corner of Rainham Road South and Ballards Road in Dagenham. 72 residential units in 2 residential blocks were proposed in a mix of 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom homes. Building heights range from 6 to 9 storeys.

The 9-storey building sits proudly on the corner of the site, marking the junction of Ballard Road and Rainham Road South. The building is smaller in footprint, creating a slender and well-proportioned building. The 6-storey building to the north mediates between the taller marker building of this proposal and the lower neighbouring buildings of the masterplan.The proposed scale and massing not only considers the existing context but also relates to the masterplan design with the site allocation in mind. This ensures the scale and massing are appropriate for the potential future redevelopment of the area.

Planning for The Bull was granted in 2024.


The proposed site has been designed alongside the Dagenham Village masterplan which aims to provide a minimum capacity of 830 new homes, reinstating a strong route through the village, uncovering the Waltz Stream and respecting the heritage of the Dagenham Village. Our proposal aims to work with the existing context but also the potential future context of the surrounding area. 



The proposed scheme samples architectural details and motifs from local historic buildings, making a visual connection between the old and new urban fabric. The blocks have been designed to be active on all facades, the cores are positioned on the road so more homes can take advantage of views down to the linear garden – the quieter area of the site

The scheme also provides 4 blue badge car parking spaces, ample community amenity and cycle storage for residents. Provision of high-quality play space, soft landscaping and green roofs as well as the retention of existing trees and proposal of new trees – increased levels of biodiversity and urban greenery.


A design approach which interacts physically and aesthetically with the surrounding areas, adding existing urban grain whilst opening up the area to new aspirations and opportunities such as improvements to the public realm, and creating strong links to the Wantz Stream, the Dagenham Village Churchyard and the historic area. Additionally, the proposed blocks respond and align with the roads, ensuring active frontages.

The proposal responds to the existing context including the historic buildings found in the vicinity and neighbouring buildings as well as responds to the potential future Dagenham Village regeneration masterplan.

This scheme will significantly enhance the existing streetscape of both Rainham Road South and Ballards Road, as well as Dagenham Village. Improving spatial and building legibility, wayfinding, enriched landscaping with high-quality buildings and good quality homes.

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