Victoria Way


This 1.95-hectare site in Charlton is currently occupied by a large, single storey industrial building and surrounded by small-scale terraced residential streets. the local authority and the GLA have accepted that the site is suitable for a high-density residential scheme, providing the design is to a high standard.

  • Client: Fairview New Homes
  • Size: 330 residential apartments
  • Sectors
    Mainstream Residential, Private Development, Housing Association
  • Services
    Concept Design

The layout optimises the potential of the site by varying the height of the proposed buildings to respond sensitively to the neighbouring density housing. The central axis reinforces the sense of place and delivers a permeable site whilst buildings along Victoria Way re-establish the existing building line and provide a legible streetscape.

Buildings that step up incrementally from 2.5 to 4, then 6 or 8 storeys. The tallest elements reach 11 storeys and overlook open space to the south. The buildings are separated by generous gardens and play areas. Car parking at 50% ratio is integrated into the landscape. The architectural treatment is contemporary by using brick with a variety of detail treatments across the buildings.

The proposed design will significantly improve the quality of the local area by enhancing the public realm and connectivity through the site. The scheme successfully achieved planning January 2018.

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