Capacity Studies

Our understanding of Concept Design to Planning as well as Construction Delivery means that we are well placed to help our clients with initial feasibility studies to ascertain the potential of a site.

Over the years Formation Architects has designed and delivered a huge range of projects. In the process we have built up an unsurpassed experience in analysing sites for development. This ranges from individual sites to large scale master-planning layouts.

Normally we offer two levels of initial study depending upon a client’s requirements. An ‘Outline Capacity Study’ provides a ‘quick and dirty’ assessment of a site’s capacity based on our experience without getting into detailed building layouts.

When more detail is required, we offer a ‘Detailed Capacity Study’ which makes a more thorough analysis. Typically, a study of this kind includes floor layouts, detailed schedules and 3 dimensional studies and can provide a firm base for initial engagement with local authorities and other stakeholders.

We frequently work with Formation Architects who we rate highly. They provide no nonsense, straightforward solutions to schemes for our clients.

Andrew Cox, Director, Savills