Construction Documentation

Providing construction information to an appropriate level of detail in a timely manner requires a real understanding of what contractors actually need to deliver a building.

It’s a question of horses for courses. It might be a large mainstream residential project tendered and constructed in packages by a CM. Or the delivery of an Interior Designer’s ‘vision’ for a super-prime bespoke home. Or a set of ‘traditional’ single-stage tender drawings for a newbuild office building. Whatever the procurement and whatever the project, we understand what a construction company needs and at what stage of the process.

But to achieve this is more than just experience, it also requires method. Over many years we have developed tried and tested systems and templates to simplify and clarify the process. And we employ qualified Design Managers to assist the architects in the preparation of programmes and other material, leaving them free to get on with what they are good at.

From bid to handover, we aim to provide a professional service to the construction industry on all kinds of projects.