Three & Four
Station Square


In response to the rapid growth in Cambridge, our schemes, Three and Four Station Square in the CB1 Masterplan were a response to deliver a prestigious new mixed-use development in the area.

  • Client: Brookgate
  • Size: 89 residential units, 9,600 sqft of retail and 6,700 sqft of office space
  • Status: Completed
  • Award: Shortlisted for Housing Design Awards 2017
  • Sectors
    Mainstream Residential, Private Development, Housing Association
  • Services
    Construction Delivery, Construction Documentation, Audits, BIM

Three & Four Station Square are part of the CB1 masterplan in Cambridge. This major regeneration project involves the reconfiguration of the public space in front of Cambridge railway station, which will be bordered by these 2 new buildings.

These mixed-use buildings accommodate 89 residential units, 9,600sqft of retail space and 6,700sqft office space, forming the southwestern enclosure to this highly prominent location in the new Station Square.

The scheme sits adjacent to Cambridge Railway Station, on the southern corner of a new ‘gateway’ public space in front of the station called Station Square. The gap between the buildings improves the visual connection and physical link between Station Square, antechamber and the Mill Park. In addition, it provides better visibility of the Mill as a local landmark from the Square and the Station.

Three & Four The Square were completed in late 2022.

The scheme was shortlisted for the Housing Design Award in 2017.

Three Station Square

Three Station Square was intended to emphasise its’ presence on the Square whilst being subservient to 50/60 Station Road. It replaces the Silo building that was lost to a fire in 2010. The design seeks to echo the Silo in terms of proportions and height to complement the adjacent historic Mill as a local landmark.

The residential access to the building addresses the antechamber and leads to a double height lobby. A 2-storey retail or restaurant unit is accommodated at the base of the building and is accessed via a service door on the west elevation.


Four Station Square

Four Station Square, a contemporary building that incorporates a 2-storey colonnade at ground floor to reflect the colonnaded Grade II Station opposite One The Square. In addition, the massing of Four The Square aligns with One The Square and 50/60 to form continuous building frontage and colonnade.

A commercial unit at ground floor addresses Station Square, Station Road and the antechamber. The space can furthermore accommodate retail, office space and restaurant, and can be subdivided into a number of smaller units.

4 SS Image 1
4 SS Image 1

Three & Four Station Square incorporates and enhances the existing context and local character of Station Square. These mixed-use buildings are well-served by public transportation as it is situated at a transport hub, ensuring the scheme is inclusive for all. Footpaths on site are designed to provide a safe environment for people of all ages and abilities. Level changes are reduced to a minimum to ensure accessibility for wheelchair users and people with limited mobility.

The public realm is largely integrated through surrounding buildings, in which includes 50/60 Station Road, One The Square, Foster’s Mill.

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