Bravo House


Located on the busy Kilburn High Road in North London, this former office building was the headquarters of Loot magazine.

  • Client: Eastlight Ltd
  • Size: 4822sq ft
  • Sectors
    Mainstream Residential, Other Tenures
  • Services
    Construction Delivery, Construction Documentation

The lively activity of Kilburn High Road inspired the fresh and dynamic frontage. Balconies, set against a rendered wall, give rhythm and order to the façade and provide an added amenity for the residents. Cobalt blue glass panels give a structured secondary layer. The combination of perforated metal and glass captures the sunlight and attracts a play of light and shadow throughout the day.

The existing structure was reused and a new floor added. The building has been given a new lease of life through transformation to 79 serviced apartments for London professionals and the provision of an A1 Retail/B1 Office at ground floor.

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