Whytecliffe Road South


Formation Architects have designed a 247 unit residential scheme located in the London Borough of Croydon on behalf of RAA Ventures Ltd., Regent Land and Developments Ltd. and VFund Ltd. The scheme is currently undergoing consultation with Croydon Council and other key stakeholders.

  • Client: RAA Ventures Ltd, Regent Land & Developments Ltd and Vfund Purley Ltd
  • Size 247 apartments plus 175 space public car park
  • Sectors
    Mainstream Residential, Private Development, Housing Association
  • Services
    Concept Design

The site is located on Whytecliffe Road South and is a short distance from Purley Station, it is currently occupied by 14 residential houses and a large open car park. The scheme includes a 175 spaces car park to replace the existing Purley Station car park, plus 247 high-quality residential units which will contribute to the local housing stock. 30% of the flats will be affordable.

There are five buildings altogether, four along Whytecliffe Road South which are 6 storeys with additional set back storeys and a 4.5 storey block towards the rear of the site. The buildings reflect the local character and respect the local context in terms of scale and massing.

The proposal seeks to enhance the public realm along Whytecliffe Road South which is a main thoroughfare to the station, create a new public square enriched by existing lime trees, create a safe and efficient new public car park and provide many new homes in a sought-after and sustainable location.

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